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                                                                                                     A legacy of flavors and tradition
                                                                                                     A legacy of flavors and tradition

           There is more to beautiful Mexico than  get a sense of how important food is  daughter… In some cases even with-
           the clear, blue seas and the exotic cul-  in their lives: ask where to find, say,  out  a  recipe!  The  secret  to  Mexico’s
           ture; the tasty and unique Mexican  the best carnitas (braised pork) in  gastronomy is sometimes as simple as
           cuisine is a top favorite all around the  Mexico City, or the best mole (a type  learning the whole process from the
           world. And there is so much more to  of chilli sauce) in Oaxaca, and you’re  person preparing the dish, and adding
           discover than burritos, guacamole, and  up for a passionate, lengthy and well-  that special touch of TLC.
           salsa. That is only the first course.   informed  debate. (However,  if  you
                                              ask who the best cook they know  It is not an easy task, given that Mexi-
           As you make your way around Mexico,  is, they all will be in agreement: mi  can cuisine is complex and some
           or even just a small part of it, you will  madre – ‘my mother’.)      dishes include many ingredients, sev-
           notice how important and unique the                                   eral  techniques  and  procedures, and
           home style cooking is. Everything is  Family bonding can be created prac-  to think that there is nothing written,
           completely natural and flavorful, rich  tically anywhere and the kitchen! It’s  and it’s all just the tradition and gas-
           in  color  and  taste, along  with spices  the soul of the home; it’s one of those  tronomic heritage that has shaped the
           that have a righteous kick.        places that reunite families, especially  greatness of Mexico’s gastronomy.
                                              when it comes to delicious homemade
           Mexican food has not changed very  meals prepared by grandma, aunt or  That is the reason why Mexico’s Tra-
           much  in history. It  is  believed that  mom. It is them who are always leav-  ditonal Gastronomy, was included in
           Mexican cuisine was derived from  ing their love in the kitchen and pass  the Representative List of the Intangi-
           what the Mayan Indians prepared  their  much  cherished recipes from  ble Cultural Heritage of Humanity of
           as far back as 2000 years ago. They  generation to generation.        UNESCO in 2010.
           expertly lived off the land, to sustain
           themselves with beans, corn, peppers,  That is exactly what happens with  Mexican cuisine goes beyond the fact
           fruits and chocolate, as well as chick-  Mexican cuisine, where the gastro-  of preparing food to satisfy a need; it
           en, turkey, duck, and later pork.  nomic legacy of the country has been  is a way of transmitting ancient tech-
                                              passed on from woman to woman,  niques, using native and special ingre-
           Mexicans love food, especially their  from mother to daughter, from aunt to  dients from every single region, giving
           own. Visit Mexico and you will soon  niece or from grandmother to grand-  food a truly unique flavor.

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