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Considering the moderate number of visitors to Siha-    A popular hotspot for
           noukville, the town offers a surprising number and variety of  Russian foreigners back
           restaurants and bars.                                   in the 1980s, this market
                                                                   is a fantastic platform for
           Fresh seafood, especially crab, prawns and ocean fish, has  visitors to catch a glimpse
           always been one of the town’s biggest draws, but there is  of how things have
           also a wide variety of places offering foreign cuisines - Aus-  changed from its former
           tralian, French, Indian, German, Sri Lankan, British, Italian,  heyday as a Russian hide-
           pizza places, a couple of western bakeries and even espresso  out. Plus you can’t forget
           coffee shops.                                           the main point of visiting
                                                                   any market: shopping!
           And these days Sihanoukville offers a pretty good night life
           as well with a wide variety of bars staying open well into the  Be prepared to haggle your way through your shopping spree
           wee hours, especially on Weather Station Hill, in the down-  to reduce prices by more than 1 USD a piece, especially if you
           town area, and the beach bars on Ochheuteal, ‘Serendipity’  purchase items in bulk. One sure-win trick we picked up? The
           and Victory Beaches.                                    shop owners might be strangers to you, but the best approach
                                                                   you can take is to act like their best friend!
           Phnom Penh – the Capital
           The biggest city in Cambodia, also its wealthiest, Phnom Penh is  Unlike Chatuchak market in Thailand that’s impossible to navi-
           the cultural, commercial and political centre of the country and is  gate, the Russian Market is structured in a simple square, mak-
           home to almost two million of Cambodia’s population of over 15  ing it easy to understand. Regardless of which path you take,
           million. Covering an area of 345sqk Phnom Penh is located in the  always remember that there will be one that leads to the road.
           south-central region of Cambodia, at the confluence of the Tonle  No worries about getting lost here!
           Sap, Mekong and Bassac rivers. The city offers extensive cultural
           and historical attractions, including temples, museums, the Royal  Russian Market has everything from fabric, knockoffs, local
           Palace and also has accommodation from simple guesthouses  delights, and handicraft to preserved crocodiles (yes, actual
           to five-star hotels. Phnom Penh also features excellent dining fa-  crocodiles). Weird, but memorable. AND affordable.
           cilities as well as a vibrant and varied nightlife. Also the largest
           casino in Cambodia Naga World, a 5 star resort/hotel is located  3. Do Tai Chi with the locals on the riverfront - Cambo-
           there where we were hosted in the brand new Phase 2 complex.  dians start their day really early. At 06:00, half of Phnom
                                                                   Penh was already in full swing. While it’s a stark contrast
           While my visit to Phnom Penh was not long enough here  to the way of life back home, it was refreshing to live like
           are someone of the highlights we had time to do while  a local. If you’re up for some Tai Chi by the river, don’t
           visiting:                                               miss the chance to drop by Riverfront Park. Whether you’ll
           1. Explore the city on a tuktuk - There were barely any cabs  be people watching or joining in the fun, it’s going to be a
                             on the road as most locals travel around  unique experience.
                             either on foot, bicycles, tuktuks or motor-
                             cycles. The best way to navigate around  4. Go bar hopping - Phnom Penh is one of the places on
                             the city is on a tuktuk. It is small, quick  earth with the best happy hour deals. Not only is it a daily af-
                             to weave through travel at peak hour and  fair, it is also one city with
                             cheap. Tuktuks  are  as  common  as  mo-  the very best price offers.
                             torcycles in Phnom Penh - but 10 times  Iconic in Cambodia, Ang-
                             safer. And at least there will be a roof over  kor Beer is easily found
                             your heads if it rains!               across the country, loved
                                                                   by  many.  Light  on  the
                             Immerse yourself in the sights and  palate, you’ll nonetheless
                             sounds and enjoy your ride. You’re in  get a kick out of a whole
                             for a real treat. Tuktuks are available  night of knocking pints
                            for hire anywhere along the roadside in  back at the many 2 for 1
           the city centre, and are a budget-friendly way to get to your  offers found everywhere.
           destination. Tuktuks do not run by the meter, so always
           agree on a set price prior to the ride.                 4. Explore Phnom Penh’s nightlife - If you’re bored af-
                                                                   ter nightfall and in need for some ice cold beer, Phnom
           2. Shop at the Russian Market - You can’t give the Russian  Penh has it all. With a vibrant night scene, there are many
           Market a miss. No two markets are the same in Phnom  night spots for the party animal in you. Compared to
           Penh. If you wondered why it’s called Russian Market,  clubs in S.E. Asia, the ones in Phnom Penh are more chill
           think of it this way: Russian Market is to Cambodia what  and casual, while retaining a special level of energy on
           Little India is to Singapore.                           the dance floors.

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